Dear Communication Superheroes: Part I

My professor of Media Relations & Publicity, Tim Roberts, told us to use “To” instead of “Dear” to start an email pitch, because “Dear” would be too cheesy to be professional. Since I know you all, using “Dear” might not be too much here, I guess.

I have to admit that starting this blog is only for my Online Tactics class at first, and it is really a stressful class. It seemed impossible for me to find my own voice and present superhero and PR at the same time. However, when I noticed that everybody in my class was managing his/her own way to run blog, I was encouraged. Now, my blog is not only a way to present my own voice, but also a motivation to drive me to explore.

As I said in my “About Me” video, to be a cross-cultural communication superhero has always been my dream. Also as I mentioned in my previous blog post, people are so obsessed with superheroes because they make people believe in miracles. As a PR-pro-to-be, I definitely have my own definition on superheroes.

My classmates are all communication superheroes. Of course my topic today will be introducing those communication superheroes I know and their blog. Oh, yeah, don’t forget about our professor, too.

Luke Armour is a charming, particular, humorous, and a little dramatic professor of Online Tactics with his blog – Digital Observations commentary Frivolity.

According to him, he is “digital strategist, podcaster, blogger, musician, daddy, thinker and totally not a robot.”

This is his first time teaching graduate level class, and he seemed a little bit intense at first. Online Tactics is in general practical, complicated, appealing, and obviously time consuming. However, we had fun and he taught us well.


WATCH OUT: rumor has it he is pretty sharp on grading.

As one of my closest friends in Kent State University, Otto and I share too many things in common, such as we both majored in teaching Chinese as a foreign language back in colleges, we both love movie and music, share great sense of humor, and we even share the same obsession with Jack Johnson.

His blog – The Voice of PR demonstrates his great instincts toward music, entertainment industry, and PR. He is also familiar with differences between Chinese and American music industry, which is amazing for a Chinese student.


NO HARD FEELINGS, he sometimes can be really harsh on music.

Sunny Huang, another closest friend of mine in Kent State University and her blog – PRincess Belle reveal a brand new angle to look at Fashion PR globally.

From creative marketing activities for brands to latest trend and fashion show, Sunny analyzes fashion PR with a refreshing view. As an amazing photographer and designer, most importantly a promising PR practitioner, Sunny provides more possibilities to deconstruct global fashion PR with camera, video, and social media.


BOSSY DIRECTOR & PHOTOGRAPHER, but what can I say, you better listen to her, because she rocks.


YoungProWineGuide blogger, a woman who knows how to enjoy life and wine shares some tips on wine and PR. As she is going to London this summer, she owns two blogs – Phylicia McCorkle & YoungProWineGuide to show her love toward communication, PR, food, wine, and music.

According to her, the YoungProWineGuide strives to provide a “no-fuss approach” for audience to better “understand guide to food and wine pairings in between basic wine information.”

Also, she connects PR, communication with the most attempting red-color-liquid, and makes it interesting and easy for all the readers.


Alert: you might be addicted to information she provides, just like you might get addicted to wine.


Even though I would be more than thrilled to introduce all the communication superheroes in my class to everybody, I still want to grab the chance and say the classic line:

Please stay tuned for scenes from my next episode.


Jacki K and her blog Reel Thoughts of Jacki K

Sijie Sheila Liu and her blog Chinese Social Media 101

Chloe and her blog Fashionaholic

Timilehin Oladele and his blog Urban Connection

Christina Best and her blog The Overwhelmed Bride

Crystal (Yan) Zhang and her blog Short Film Long Story


Please share your definition for superheroes with me and tell me what a superhero should look like to you 🙂 Maybe one of my classmates will fit your profile!


9 Responses to “Dear Communication Superheroes: Part I”

  1. Thank you!!Actually you are my superhero in Kent! Love ya!

  2. cynzxin Says:

    Interesting post! I like your idea of everyone can be a superhero. If we can change our angle of thinking, we can find fascinating things in ordinary world.

  3. Thank you so much for your comments, Catherine!
    I really love your blog because A. I am a big fan of superhero movies, B. I am a big fan of you. 🙂
    Speaking about PR and communication, as different kinds of superheros, I think all of us have different superpowers. Some of us focus on online PR and social media, some of us pay more attention to entertainment industry. If we have the chance to work together in future, I guess we can rock the world, just as the superhero union does!

  4. Breanna Mona Says:

    Hello! I must say I find your writing style very entertaining. I think your creative skills are going to be used very well in your future career in public relations! You mentioned that it was difficult at first to connect superheroes to PR but I think you did it quite well! My definition of a superhero is someone who saves others and is self less! This is also my idea of an ideal PR professional. So the correlation for this blog is great. I don’t know that I have an exact idea of what a superhero should LOOK like to me, because I believe they can be anyone! That what is special about them in my opinion. I think it’s really sweet how you created these profiles of your classmates and professor. I bet mostly anyone would be excited to see how they would be portrayed through this superhero filter. I think there are many places you can go with this! Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for your comment!
      Oh yeah, it makes me feel more confident.
      See, there are similarities in both ideal PR pro and superhero.
      I hope every superhero could be good looking, but I guess normal looking superheroes will be more convincing and more touching. Like Kick Ass!
      After all, thank you so much for your encouragement and nice words!

  5. I really love this blog post! A super hero to me is someone who does something that most people would be scared of or would do. When it comes to teachers, they are super heroes because they deal with bratty college kids who give excuses everyday to why they miss class. They grade sometimes hundreds of papers with ease and also help, mentor, and have open communications with kids. I also think that parents can be super heroes. They have to have an unbelievable amount of patience and strength. They have to be good roles models and deal with things that some people cant imagine. Super heros to me are simple people with big hearts and great minds. Great blog!

    • I was called the “thug-want-to-be” in my media relations and publicity class.
      Actually, Professor Tim Roberts is my first go-to superhero when it comes to teachers dealing with bratty college kids!
      However, since he does not have a blog, then I will just let him go.
      Parents, you bet! As me growing up, I am always wondering how my parents did it to raise me up! I am expensive and unreasonable.
      Also, I love the point you raised “ROLE MODEL.” That’s the whole point of superheroes, right?!
      Thank you for your comment!

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